Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artists That Inspire Me

Check out my new (and growing) list on the right of artists that are inspiring my own illustrations these days. Here is a favorite from Parisian watercolor artist Lucile Prache. Wow.

More posts of my own work soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Time Has Come

The time is now.

Alright, it's been over a year. One year, two jobs, and two Portland houses later . . . and how many other countless life events, recipes, and big ideas in between? HOW DO YOU MEASURE A YEAR IN THE LIFE?! (Ha! When will my life turn into the musical production of my dreams? This is where I cue my friends to jump out of the closet and sing as a choir . . .)

Anyway, however you choose to measure your years (and may I suggest - how about love?), it's too much to tackle in one "post." And how much of the next year would I miss trying? So, instead (and in the interest of time), here are a few big events/fun moments from the last couple months.

A trip to Israel!

A trip to Minneapolis!

A trip to New Seasons! (on Halloween)

(can you find me?)

Phew! What a ride! And now, here we are, back at home. I invite you to dive in with me at the present moment at Friend Island, my cozy ["new"] home in Portland, and to look not towards the past, but towards the future. A chilly, rainy, very gray immediate future here in the Pacific NW. And yet - don't give up hope! - also a future filled with opportunities for art, baked goods, and of course, friends. And so, in the name of creation, coziness, and community (even in the face of constant cloudiness), I give you . . . the Winter Checklist!

And, finally, a preview of some projects already in progress (namely, watercolors!):

Now, off to the kitchen (by way of the store) for my most imminent winter project not listed above . . . scones! Pictures soon - and by "soon" I mean "certainly, in less than a year." I promise.

- Meredith

Friday, July 3, 2009

Show and Tell: A Few of My Favorite Things

Cream colored ponies and personal libraries reorganized by color.

Doorbells and sleighbells and berry-picking with good friends.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Show and Tell: The Benchmark Sock OR Thoughts on Efficiency and Pride

Well friends, it's official. I have arrived. I am, officially, a Knitter of Socks. I see your reactions vividly in my mind: those of you who don't knit, or who do but haven't crossed the scarf/hat barrier yet, are all sufficiently impressed by my skills. You are marveling at my handiwork and shaking your heads, sure you could never complete such a project [which is of course completely untrue, as I remember thinking this once myself]. For those of my friends who do knit, you are remembering that first sock of your own. You know what it means.

This is both a proud and puzzling moment in this knitter's career; I realize, as I reflect with pride on the admittedly impressive article I've constructed, how truly inefficient sock-knitting is as a use of my time. I mean, honestly. Socks are cheap, and often hidden by shoes. They are an extremely challenging and time-consuming project, and, frankly, a rather anti-climactic final product. So . . . why? I think, largely, because I can. I have now entered that unspoken club of knitters that knit socks. I keep waiting for someone to jump out and teach me the secret handshake. Or maybe I don't learn the handshake until my first sweater is completed?

Anyway, I love my sock, and it's partner is currently under construction. I can't wait to wear them around the house and tell everyone around that I made them myself.

Show and Tell: Labor of Love

Take note: I'm writing this in a whisper, so we don't wake Colin . . .

Finally, here are the pictures of my biggest . . . as in, actually largest . . . knitting project ever! I knit this blanket for Eliza and Adam for their wedding this spring. It was an awesome, consuming winter project - easy, as far as the actual knitting went, but a true marathon, a test of my knitting endurance and patience. This project became our 6th housemate, a member of my daily carpool, and, for a time, turned me into that knitting lady, the one with a huge tote bag in tow and blanket over her lap during meetings. During a particularly tough spring break, this blanket was my primary companion as I knit my way through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. We have a real history together.

I also really rode the deadline on this project - I was literally sewing in my loose-ends the evening of the wedding, as Colin picked out his tie. Luckily, I finished in time for a quick photoshoot before I wrapped it up to give away - and I'd like to dedicate these photos to all of my friends and students in Portland who accepted this blanket as a part of their own lives when it was all I could do or talk about for a while there. I wanted you all to see the outcome of my labor and your own enthusiasm and support.

I loved putting so much of myself into a wedding gift for such dear friends - I hope it keeps them warm for years to come.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Revolution Has Already Started in my Backyard

I have so many posts lined up in my brain, waiting to be shared. But I didn't want to let that stop me from sharing this amazing paragraph I just read. It made me want to jump up yell! Which I did. Then I posted it on the internet, with this inspirational photo of me harvesting lettuce from my garden.

"As cook in your kitchen you enjoy an omniscience about your food that no amount of supermarket study or label reading could hope to match. Having retaken control of the meal from the food scientists and processors, you know exactly what is and is not in it: There are no questions about high-fructose corn syrup, or ethoxylated diglyerides, or partially hydrogenated soy oil, for the simple reason that you didn't ethoxylate or partially hydrogenate anything, nor did you add any additives . . . To reclaim this much control over one's food, to take it back from industry and science, is no small thing; indeed, in our time cooking from scratch and growing any of your own food qualify as subversive acts."
- Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

Friday, January 2, 2009

Show and Tell: Holiday Knitting Fashion Show!

You've waited, and wondered at the sudden dearth of crafting news over the past month. You may have worried that I'd finally ridden my wave of productivity to its end, and even pictured me - sans knitting needles - stranded on the couch in the basement watching bad basic cable. Oh no, my friends! Oh contraire! Picture me instead, knitting needles a blur, cranking out homemade holiday gifts with the fervor of an elf in a workshop. Buddy the Elf. In an impromptu Chanukah workshop, in front of the fire in a suddenly white Portland or in my parents cozy living room in North Carolina. And imagine me eager to post news of my creations, but also imagine that those receiving the gifts under-construction made up over 90% of my readership. Well finally, for all of us, the wait is over. I bring to you, friends, a holiday fashion show.

First: Caitlyn is an apple! A delicious, Granny Smith apple. Mmmmmm.

Second: The magic of felted slippers! My greatest masterpiece so far, hands down. Oh, and don't be confused: I knitted a pair for myself and a pair for my mom. The felting process does not affect color (the before pic is mine, the after my mom's).

Ok, so the final knitted product, before felting, looked like this:

And AFTER felting: TADAH! Perfectly foot-sized! Hooray!

Finally: My dad modeling his one finished glove (and cheerfuly awaiting the other half to this pair).

OH, and finally finally, the in-progress section: I have a scarf still under construction for Jessie that currently looks like this:

I trust that she'll send us a professional self-portrait modeling the final product, once it's finally in her hands.